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Posted: 12th January 2014

In the modern days there are not that many corners of the world that doesn’t have Internet access available. At least for those who can afford it. Which is why all the traditional IP addresses have been sold out.

Many countries have certain restrictions, such as China which is blocking several social websites that could work against the government. Or so they think. But it’s obvious that the times have changed to such extent that there is no modern civilization that no longer wants to live without it. The possibilities for use as well as abuse are endless which makes the internet so powerful in a destructive and novel way. Somehow it reflects the being of the people on this earth without the suppression of endless regulations and laws like in today’s “real world”.

There are those that go on with their lives mainly using one or a few IP addresses. And there are those like me who has their IP address change constantly.

It’s because I move around, travel, visit places without a fixed central location. This is why an IP can tell a lot about a person. It can revile things as well as hide identities.

Traditionally there were plenty of IP addresses going around, now they have to be shared because there are not enough. IPv6 is going to replace all that. Especially because of the increasing internet boom in China.

You can use this site to check your IP address and I will tell you what’s behind the IP addresses that I use as well. You are welcome to comment and share experiences.

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