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Posted: 18th May 2014

An airport IP, this time in Shanghai. I'm about to leave the country for Japan, and I've just said my last farewell to the great folks at Show Shanghai. Once again it's been an amazing ride in the city of contradictions.

I've done my share of eating, of which I'm not sure how much was healthy stuff but I certainly enjoyed it. I've done my share of drinking and chatting with open and relaxed Chinese guys. I've done my share of balancing constant work with partying. Show me the power!;)

The first time I arrived to Asia, in particular, Japan, I came across the term known as "Weak Gaijing". Which would simply translate as, weak foreigner. Always complaining, cannot work overtime, show up to late to meetings, call off sick when in a hangover.. well, I suggest doing something together with Asians, like work or study. This really grows you.. and over the years I have shown to no longer be the weak foreigner.

Having gotten the hang of this style, it has become a pleasure to work in Asian countries. On the contrary, working in the west has become more difficult, because it's difficult to find people who are strong enough to challenge themselves and work hard and smart.

Yes, that's what my mum always use to say.. "don't work hard, work smart". I followed her lesson with success in the west until I ventured to the east and realized it's simply not enough, you need both! :)

So Shanghai has once again reminded me, not just with it's wonderful nightlife but that you can count on guys to be guys.. and people to do their best for you if you do your best for them. Thank you Shanghai and see you soon!

Carl Carroll

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