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Quick-witted & Vivacious Car Accident Lawyer in New York

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Posted: 31st January 2015

This time I have an interesting post for you guys as I am visiting New York for business this week. I had a rather interesting experience with a quick-witted as well as vivacious car accident layer in NY. As many of you know, car accidents are pretty common in the city. Just in the Manhattan area, there are 24,609 yearly car accidents according to some statistics from the year 2000. So that figure is most likely way up higher as the amount of cars seems to nothing but raise. That would be somewhere about 300 deaths in the whole NYC area.

Before I knew it, I become one of those statistics and desperately needed a car accident lawyer. Looking for lawyers in New York.. I soon enough found this woman, whom I would categorise as vivacious. She was extremely understanding and listened to my problem, until she heard what happened and burts into laugh. Knowing what happened, I do not blame her. But a bit more professionalism could have been hoped for!

As for what happened, was that I was using the internet with my IP address while I was driving. I have this very small laptop, and it just fits on the car dashboard so that I can stear and look at the screen at the same time. Now I don't usually do this, as it's just when I am so busy that I desperately need to catch some important meeting documents before I get to my destination. It's very dangerous, and I would never recommend it to anyone else. It can really lead to accidents you know. Either way, I regret for doing it and will never do it again as it lead up to a collision with another automobile. Thus, delaying my meeting even further.

What my laywer did was just amazing. She managed to get a good deal with the victim of my reckless driving and the story ended pretty sweetly. I would recommend her to anyone who is even in trouble and needs an attorney in the city of New York. If in a similar situation, please contact me and I will forward the contact details. She does amazing, quick-witted things I have nerver seen a lawyer do before. And please, learn from me.. avoid car accidents!

Carl Carroll

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